Green Week – Awareness is the Foundation for Change


Astrologically speaking, our celebrity celestial diviners, such as Susan Miller, have predicted a month of emotional upheaval and revealed secrets. This April is going to see both a solar and a lunar eclipse, which supposedly means that difficult truths will be revealed and old emotional attachments will be purged. Irrespective of your astrological beliefs, the GCI will see to it that at least some of us face some difficult truths. Indeed, I take it as a tenuous blessing for our upcoming Green Week.

Green Week is a time of festivity, celebrations, picnics, and live bands on Jammie Plaza. But it is also a time of remembering the importance of these events. Certainly, their purpose is fun. But that is only one side of the coin. The other side is awareness – our aim is to remind the people of UCT that the world needs to change. With growing interest in matters of environment, ecology, and sustainability, we also take it as an opportunity to celebrate the involvement of good-hearted people in this cause that directly affects all of us. All the logistics can be found on the Facebook page, and a nice summary of the essence of our year’s main event can be found here.

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Princess Vlei – A Confluence of Human and Environmental Concerns


Often, the idea of “greening” the planet has been cast in a very negative light. Many people see it as the concern of the few – those with the money and the means to direct their energy towards lofty ideas that have little grounding in the immediate future. In this way, many arguments for “development” have been fortified by the claim that the immediate needs of human beings – particularly the poor – outweigh the needs of the environment. This rhetoric holds that heavy, industrial development will benefit communities in need more than environmentally directed idealism. On Saturday 22 March, I had the opportunity to experience a celebration that presented some strong arguments against this line of thinking – a celebration that showed how human concerns and environmental concerns are intrinsically interwoven.

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Inspiration Series: An environmental heroine, and Max Price acting like a chimp

Do you ever feel like the quest to save this planet is futile? Do you ever feel like there are too many evil oil corporations, heartless CEOs, and corrupt politicians, with too much power? Do you ever feel like a David fighting an army of Goliaths? Never fear. For you are not alone.Image

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Life’s all about the journey. And it’s best travelled naked.


You know what university life is all about? I mean, apart from the stress and homework? Obviously, it’s all about the crazy experiences you won’t be able to tell your kids about until they turn 18. It’s about sneaking into girls’ reses, it’s about toga parties, it’s about beer pong, it’s about being hungover in morning lectures, and it’s about cycling through your city, naked.

Yes, there are few better ways to show your love for nature than to show your true nature. And by ‘true nature’, I mean your naked body. And by ‘naked body’, I mean your naked body all glammed up with excitement and gorgeousness to celebrate this excellent event. But, while the World Naked Bike Ride is an epic excuse to tick something off your varsity bucket list, it is also a very real statement.

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WSES Arrival Day

Hey all

So today Caitlin and I arrived in Lausanne to be met by the welcome team at the main train station. Along with us were the delegates from Portugal, India and Japan. All a really cool bunch of people. So after we all checked into the hostile and got our welcome package, we made a mass move to the University of Lausanne for the welcome ceremony. The ceremony consisted of the welcome by the chairman of the organising committee of the 2012 WSES, then the Dean of the University spoke to us followed by the professor of the Doshisha University who was in charge of the very first WSES. The mayor of the city of Lausanne and the EX-FOEN Director followed. All of their speeches were informative  and while being different, centered around a main theme. They all focused on us delegates and how we have to blaze a trail. They all mentioned the current state of the planet whether it being economics, finance or the environment. They simply but it no means weakly, remind us why we are here and what an amazing opportunity this is and that we must take full advantage of it.

Its going to be a great summit full of so much information and learning and I know I speak for Caitlin when I say that we are both really excited!

Here is a picture from M. Philippe Roch’s presentation (EX-FOEN director) regarding consumption. Just something to think about it.

Green at Heart

Caitlin and Keke

The GCI Make Their Way to Lausanne for the WSES

The 5th World Student Environmental Summit (WSES), this year, is taking place at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. As stated from their website,, the theme is “Let’s change!” The site states “without radical change in the behaviour of mankind, the environment – and by way of consequence, mankind itself – will undergo irreversible change.”  Three levels of change will be addressed at the summit, international, societal and individual. The potential and limitations of concepts, movements, strategies etc will be discussed. 80 delegates from around the world are anticipated to make their way to Lausanne for the summit. UCT’s GCI has sent two of its members, Treasurer Caitlin Melidonis and Marketing Head, yours truly, Keketso Motjuwadi to represent the university at this great event. The summit consists of workshops, conferences and presentations all with a variety of topics. Each delegate has signed up for a number of workshops that will take place in groups ranging from 17 to 26. At the end of each day, Caitlin and I will recap the days activities in this blog for you to read so that you can be part of it all. I know that I speak for Caitlin when I say that we are extremely excited to attend this event and will do our very best to represent our organisation, university and country and show the rest of the world just how groovy we are. So watch this space!

Green hugs and bugs,

Keketso and Caitlin

sUStainability includes US.

Green Week 2012

This year, the GCI’s biggest environmental week falls in April, the 16th – 20th, We are often asked “What is Green Week?” or “Whats the point of it?”. Green Week (GW) is the time where opportunities to be exposed to environmentalism, sustainability etc; are concentrated in the form of film and documentary screenings, talks, discussions and where the chance to be involved in these events is easily accessible. GW aims to interact with both spheres of the university. Students/staff to academia and beyond. The GCI believes that for change to happen, all need to contribute. So we encourage you to take an hour out of your day and go to a talk or screening and learn more about the world we live in and what you can do to help it. The human race are a species and we need to look out for each other after all the environment is the framework in which we all live and work in.